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Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes.  Walk-ins are always welcome, however, they are subject to availability.  We suggest that if you know when you want to join us, call and book the time.  Nothing is more disappointing than coming in and finding no room.


What is your reservation policy?

We require 4-hours notice for cancellations or changes to your reservation in general and 8-hours on weekends (Fri., Sat. & Sun.).  We schedule therapists based on our bookings so we appreciate your commitment to showing up, and, arriving on time.  You are making a reservation for a therapist at the time requested.  Once your reservation is confirmed, we will be turning other guests away from that time. Keep this in mind when you make your reservation since calling to make a change may not be possible.  Thank you for your understanding.  

We now require a credit card number to hold any weekend appointment or for parties of 3 or more.  If we feel it necessary we may do an amount authorization in advance.

  ~ Due to the increased popularity of weekend appointments, we now require 24-hour notice of cancellation or changes and a 50% deposit for parties of 3 or more.  Deposits are refundable if cancelled prior 24-hours in advance. Less than 24-hours notice or "No-Shows" are non-refundable.



Do I need to arrive early?

We ask that you arrive 5 minutes early which will help us to determine your specific bodywork needs and prepare for your session.


What if I have on Jewelry?

While we recommend jewelry not be worn, often clients have their days scheduled and are dressed for other events.  It's suggested you remove your jewelry, especially very delicate items from the wrists and neck.  If you choose to keep them on, the therapist may elect not to massge those areas to avoid the risk of breaking something.

What if I am late?

First, Please try your very best to be on-time!  Late arrivals affect the guests following you.  If you are late, we will try our best to provide you with a full session, however we may have to cut your service short if there is another appointment immediately after you.



Where can I park?

Free parking spaces on a first-come first-serve basis around the Hampton Inn, Nail Bar and Redwood Credit Union in the Los Amigos Retail Center .



Should I tip?

Tipping is the norm and very much part of a Massage Therapist's total compensation.  Consider this one of the ways to show them how much they their hard work are appreciated.  


I forgot to bring cash to tip my therapist, can I use my credit card?

Yes, but if you are using your credit card for tips only there will be a 5% swipe fee we pass on to you. Cash is always preferred, as credit card companies charge fees for every credit card transaction. If you are using your credit card to pay for a service and wish to add a tip, then we don’t charge an extra fee. ATM’s are conveniently located right next door at the Redwood Credit Union.



Do you offer couples massage?

We do offer rooms where couples can be massaged next to each other. Please request this specifically, otherwise you will be put into the first available room. We ask that couples be considerate of others in the SPA and keep talking to a minimum and at a whisper. 



Am I going to be naked for my massage?

You may undress to your level of comfort for your massage. Many clients choose to remove all clothing for Full Body sessions, as they require direct contact with the skin and use oil. If that is uncomfortable for you, you may choose to leave on any undergarments, but please understand that some oil may get onto them. If you are unclothed for a session, a sheet or towel will always cover parts of the body that are not being worked on. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.



What can I expect from my appointment?

During your service, the therapist will strive to provide you with a massage that meets all of your needs.  Specific instructions such as areas of focus, caution and what to avoid shall be communicated while in reception.  These are then translated to each therapist.  We are flexible in our model to allow for more attention to be devoted to certain areas without sacrificing the benefits of completing the full body.  Remember that these are professionals that know what they're doing and are proficient in the SoCo Reflexology style of delivery.   When you have finished, you will check out at the reception desk.



Should I ask for stronger or lighter pressure during my massage?

YES! Our therapists’ goal is to provide the perfect session for you. Everybody’s body is different and your therapist will need your help to hone in on the exact pressure that is right for you. Although your therapist will check in with you at certain times throughout the massage, please do not be shy about speaking up at any moment to request a change in pressure or anything else that will make your massage more enjoyable.



Is it okay to talk during my session?

We ask that you speak only if necessary. We strive to provide a zen atmosphere for all our guests. If you must speak, please do so in a whisper so as not to interrupt other's peaceful experience.



I am pregnant- can I still have massage?

Yes, we offer PRENATAL MASSAGE if you are in your second or third trimester. We cannot offer any other types of modalities, and we cannot offer any massages to women in their first trimester.



What conditions disqualify me as a candidate for massage?

  • severe sunburn

  • tumor, cancer or a blood clotting disorder (hemophilia)

  • you are in the first three months of pregnancy

  • you have a broken or fractured bone or an open wound

  • Fever

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