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Haixia (Helen) Ma & Michael McCloskey found they are the perfect blend of Chinese business sense and Irish humor. While Helen is the Certified Massage Therapist and actually allowed to touch our clients, Michael brings years of experience with employee engagement, training, learning and quality systems to the mix; making this one of the first-ever cross-cultural Foot Reflexology enterprises in the area.

Helen achieved CAMTC certification in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger-Point, Acupressure, Reflexology, Shiatsu, & Ashiatsu (from the Japanese "Ashi" foot and "-atsu" pressure) to round off her areas of expertise.  She has both worked and taught in the field for years and her passion and skill are second to none... ask any of her dedicated clients!

Michael just came off of a 23-year run with an international company where he worked at a variety of positions ending in management when he found out he was "no longer needed"... go figure!  Vowing to never again hear those words from a 'Boss', the decision was made; "Be the Boss".  Michael combines his outgoing personality with an earnest desire to enrich other's lives, while utilizing his soft skills to leverage everyone's best qualities and capabilities.

"Together, we strive to make SoCo Reflexology the finest in massage service for our community."


​​"Reflexology" works. The overall health benefits realized through the application of appropriate pressure to areas of the hands, feet and ears, has been known for hundreds of years and is considered a serious advance in the health field here in the West.


We here at SoCo Reflexology know this through our own personal experience, our training and education, and the positive results we see in our clients. By sharing these benefits we become a healthier community.


To bring whole-body, mind, spirit, health, balance and well-being to our community by way of holistic healing therapies.

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