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SoCo (Sonoma County) Reflexology is the first of its kind here in Windsor.  It is our desire to help evolve the art of therapeutic massage and reflexology to encompass entire mind-body-spirit health for our community.  We strive to further relationships through commitment to excellence on this journey together.  Our SPA, while initially having a primary focus on Reflexology, is a framework that is modeled to embrace the integration of Shiatsu, Swedish, Trigger-Point, Acupressure, Deep Tissue and other philosophies allowing us to provide a one-stop-shop destination for all your relaxation and healing needs.


Massage Windsor Santa Rosa
 Massage Therapy Windsor
Massage Therapy Windsor
Body Massage Windsor Santa Rosa

Foot Reflexology (includes Hot-water soak, head massage, arms, legs, shoulder & back)

  • 60-minutes - $48

  • 90-minutes - $75

Body (oil) Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue)

  • 60-minutes - $80

  • 90-minutes - $110

  • 120-minutes - $145

  • 30-minute "Quickie"- $45


  • 30-minutes Foot and 30-minutes Oil massage - $75

  • 30-minutes Foot and 60-minutes Oil massage - $110

Special Add-Ons (these can be added to any single or combination Body massage)

  • 10-minute Hot Stone Treatment - $10

  • 10-minutes Cupping Treatment - $10

Package Deals - below are the most common, but we have packages for all of our services

  • Ten (10) pre-paid 60-minute Body/Oil sessions - $725

  • Five (5) pre-paid 60-minute Body/Oil sessions - $375

  • Ten (10) pre-paid 60-minute Feet Reflexology sessions - $435

  • Five (5) pre-paid 60-minute Feet Reflexology sessions - $220 

Reflexology Massage Windsor Santa Rosa

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