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Joining The SoCo Reflexology family is easy, and the benefits, many!  To help you make your visits to the SPA a regular event in your health regime, our members benefit from specials such as:

  • buy 10, 11th treatment free Punch Cards

  • Arrange a group visit (5 or more) arranger's session is 20% OFF

  • and more to come

Massage Therapy Windsor Santa Rosa
Can I just pop in when I feel like it without joining anything?

Of Course!  We welcome one-and-all and are happy for each and every visitor as you experience the immediate and long-term benefits of Massage and Reflexology-style treatments.



Membership is for those of us that want that little bit extra feeling of being "a part of" something special, and we believe SoCo Reflexology fits that bill.  While new to Windsor, having migrated from Santa Rosa, we immediately fell in love with the town and the people we meet.  It's easy to see why wanting to be a part of the community, give back, support it, and provide a unique service became more than just a thought... "We are on a Mission, and we won't slow down until "SoCo Reflexology" is a household name from Healdsburg to Rohnert Park and beyond!"


So if you're ready... 

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